Commercial Storefront Doors – Test Blog Post #1

All Star Glass

This is a test blog post to be removed when the site goes live.

The retail business is all about image and impression. So what could be more important than a welcoming entry into your establishment? A beautiful glass door allows passersby to see what you have to offer, while keeping out the weather and keeping your goods and staff safe and secure inside. Here, we’ll discuss some commercial storefront door options for your business.

Aluminum Entrance Doors are available in a variety of configurations and widths that meet ADA specifications, single or in pairs. You can select from varying stile widths (the vertical pieces in the panel or frame) and finishes like silver, bronze, or painted. You can also choose if you’d prefer the door to be made mostly of glass, or if metal below the crossbar makes for sense for you. You’ll also need to choose between monolithic (1 piece) or insulated safety glass, and at what thickness you’ll want for the glass – ranging from ¼” to 1”. Then you’ll select from hardware options like standard push/pull handles, security lock with cylinders, surface mounted closers, and choose your threshold.

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